The European hotline number for missing and sexually exploited children

Thora Center

Center for sexually abused in Denmark

May 25 is International Missing Childrenīs Day. Different European organisations will participate to show sympathy for families throughout Europe whose children have gone missing. Thora Center is the only Danish organisation which takes part in this event. During the day Thora Center will inform about Hotline 116 000, which is an emergency line for missing and sexually abused children.


Thora Center is a humanitarian organisation which on a daily basis works with sexual abuse, both in terms of victims and offenders. Due to Thora Centers membership of the European organisation Missing Children Europe, International Missing Childrenīs Day is one of Thora Centers yearly events.


Since February 1st. 2009 Thora Center has been in charge of Hotline 116 000 in Denmark and is the only organisation offering this service.


International Missing Childrenīs Day will be held:


Time:        Tuesday May 25. 2010

      11am – 3pm

Place:        Storkespringvandet

      v/ Amager Torv,

      Copenhagen, DK


Throughout the day children will have the opportunity to jump on an Air Track, get key hangers and balloons with the logo 116 000. There will also be brochures, flyers and much more.